''They make some of the best pizza I've ever tasted! Crispy yet moist with the distinctive wood baked flavour' 


Meet the Oregano Team

Oregano Kitchen is managed and run by partners, Oliver Regan and Jessica Irving.

Ollie is a Chef by trade with over 20 years experience in the catering and hospitality industry.

Having first trained as a chef back at college in the Midlands, he then went on to study in France.

Upon his return back in England he worked in many top eateries around the country, where he trained with Michelin and Rosette starred chefs.

This allowed him to develop his own unique and creative style, and develop his own ideas for fresh, tasty, nutritious wholesome food he wanted to serve up himself.


Jess has always has a love of food, and in her spare time she loves to bake and develop new and exciting recipes, sweet and savoury (not all work out!)
Since the age of 15 she has worked off and on in the hospitality industry, where she developed her skills with food and people.

All of this allowed them to broaden their cooking capabilities, multi-cultural taste buds and flair for eye-catching presentation and exceptional service.


We also have some other fantastic people who work with us to make your event extra special and rememberable for all the right reasons. 

Our main man Dave, who is now part of the family, and has been with us for about 5yrs now.

Tom who is a local fantastic chef and occasionally agrees to work for us, as well as being head chef at a top eatery in Burton.  Newly to our team The Jacks!.... Jack Merrin and Jack Arkesden


Without these guys our events wouldn't be what they are. 

Our mobile outdoor pizzeria units for hire

Newly to the clan, Reggie our new pizza truck!


This setup is great for any event, big or small and especially corporate functions, staff  lunches.... or TREATS! Weddings, Festivals, Birthday Treats..... whatever the event we have it covered

Or our original and beautifully presented gazebo setup

-  which will compliment any event or party.


Can be setup either single or double gazebo

- 3m x 3m single/ 6m x 3m double

- with wood fired oven mounted onto a trailer which sits at the back of the unit.  


Great for festivals, parties or large special occasions